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The Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Centre -SIGTE- of the University of Girona, a service that involves applied research, training, knowledge, and technology transfer.

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The Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing Centre -SIGTE- of the University of Girona (UdG) is a service specialized in the treatment of geographic information and the use and application of the so-called Geo-ICT — information and communication technologies applied to the management of geographic information.

SIGTE offers technical support, advice, training, and technological solutions in the field of geographic information based on free technology, thereby contributing to the use…

The Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) is an agency of the Flemish government working towards a better environment in Flanders in the water, air and the environmental domains

Learn about EO4GEO Associate Partner: The Institute of Hydrometeorology (IHM), a leading research institute in Georgia, focusing on developing and implementing of scientific researches and innovative methods related to Earth Sciences.

The Institute of Hydrometeorology was established in 1953 on the base of Tbilisi Magnetic-Meteorological (Geophysical) Observatory (1844). From 1963 it became the first Transcaucasia Regional Scientific-Research Institute. During 1992–2005 the Institute was under Georgian National Scientific Academy system. According governmental regulations the Institute was transformed into LEPL on 2006. From 2010 the Institute became the structural unit of Georgian Technical University as independent scientific- research institute. …

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The Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P.PORTO) is the biggest polytechnic in Portugal and the top one in the international rankings of Higher Education Institutions. Our graduates are highly valued by employers in the region and all over the country. Our degrees are accredited by national, European, and international accreditation bodies. Our research is recognized worldwide with many successful cases of transfer of results to society. P.PORTO is coordinating ATHENA, the European University transforming higher education to assist an inclusive digitalization of societies. …

RGEO —the EO4GEO partner that leads digital geo-media in modern school education

Short description of your organisation

To see the world with different eyes — that is the motto of the GIS-Station, the Competence Centre for Digital Geomedia of the Research Group for Earth Observation (rgeo) at the Heidelberg University of Education. The Competence Centre integrates digital geomedia into school lessons. It is, in this form, a unique institution for further education for teachers and student teachers, as well as an out-of-school learning place for students throughout Germany. …

Short description of your organisation

The Icon Group is a European leader of earth imaging services and is Ireland’s largest processor of optical and image data. We are an interdisciplinary geoscience company, specialized in Earth Observation, Environmental Monitoring, GIS, and Spatial Data Analytics.

How does your organisation currently support the development of GI and EO skills?

We consider people to be our greatest asset, so it is very important for us to support the evolution and ambition of our workforce. …

The European Pact for Skills aims to mobilise and incentivise private and public stakeholders to take concrete action for the upskilling and reskilling of workers.

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Interview with Maria Vittoria D’Inzeo and Anna Nikowska, Policy officers at the European Commission

The Pact for Skills has been launched by the Commission in November 2020. Can you introduce it in a nutshell?

There is a strong potential in boosting joint action to maximise the impact of skills investment. Skills policies and actions are shared between many players. Companies, workers, education and training providers, national, regional, and local authorities, chambers of commerce, and employment services are among the ones who contribute to making up and reskilling a reality. Concerted efforts can bring clarity to individuals and companies throughout the value chain, reduce costs and focus on priorities.

This is why the Commission is launching a Pact for Skills —…

The ASSETs+ project develops skills in the Defence sector thanks to customized education & training programs in Robotics&AI, C4ISTAR, and Cybersecurity

Interview with Professor Gualtiero Fantoni, ASSETs+ Project Coordinator

Short description of ASSETs+ and goals of the Partnership

Industry 4.0, business digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence and
Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are increasingly taking centre stage, not as buzzwords but as pillars for innovation in all business sectors at a global level. The Defence sector is no exception.

Accordingly, all players involved in this field are experiencing evolution in both business processes and human resources: the former concerning technological advancements; the latter regarding the skills needed to exploit such technologies properly.

Human resources need to possess or develop new knowledge, abilities, and competences to help companies complete the quantum leap expected from…

Earth Blox, new EO4GEO Associated Partner, delivers Earth Observation data in a code-free and customisable way

Short description of your organisation

Earth Blox is a commercial tool that provides access to the power of Earth Observation, removing the need for coding, high-performance computers and extensive local storage — giving you intelligence anywhere. It operates exclusively using Google Earth Engine datasets and processing. It saves time by eliminating repetitive manual tasks and increases confidence in user decision making by harnessing numerous Google Earth Engine data sources. Earth Blox is a Scottish startup led by Earth Observation experts with an academic background. Its scalability makes it ideal for teaching and research. …


An innovative strategy for skills development and capacity building in the EO/GI field

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